What's happening for my first year of college?

I major in applied mathmatics, which is a joint field of mathmatics and statistics. The courses I take for my major are primarily math, economics, statistics, and computer science. Besides taking classes, I enjoy having a variety of activities or simply spending some time alone. A sight of what I do apart from studying is shown below.

Recent Update

Calligraphy Practice

One of my biggest hobby is practicing calligraphy, which stirs up my thoughts and makes me calm. Now I practice calligraphy once a week, and this picture shows my most recent practice. Having a hobby and make sure to keep with it would always color my day.

Beautiful Sunset

I always enjoy the sunset here at my school. I captured this moment of sunset as it is such warmly colored and genial. I like natural beauty and taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings makes me feel more vividly alive.

Afternoon Treat

If there is something I would recommend to you as a treat for afternoon tea, this nutella banana crepes definately comes to the top of the list. Enjoying a freshly made crepes is so satisfying when I feel tired after classes and studying. You could get the same crepes as mine at the Tenaya market at UCSB. Try it out~

Chilling Out with Friend in Downtown Santa Barbara

Feeling bored at school? Take the free bus and have a short trip to downtown with friends during weekend is what I do. Dress up nicely, go shoping, and enjoy a big meal.

Club Meeting

I joined a Data Science club and we meet once a week to do projects. Joining a club I like is a good way to social and strengthen knowleges at the same time.

Best Campus Spot

This huge umbrella pine located in the center of our campus is my favorite campus spot. I like to stay on the grass under this big pine tree for a while to enjoy the shade and maybe some breeze. Although it is locted in the center of the campus, there is usually not a lot of people.

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